Site/Subdivision Plans –

Autumnwood Subdivision - 15-SB-021

The plan document files and images contained on this site are not considered record or as-built drawings, and therefore should not be relied upon or used in such manner.

Site/Subdivision Plan Index

11 Offsite Greenway Plan and Profile

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C0.1 Cover

C0.2 Existing Conditions

(2.4 MB)

C0.3 Tree Survey Champion Tree

(1.0 MB)

C0.4 Recombination Parcel

C1.1 Subdivision Plan

(1.2 MB)

C1.2 Subdivision Plan

C1.3 Striping Plan

C1.4 Subdivision Plan

C1.5 Greenway Plan

C101 Existing Conditions

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C102 Roadway Widening Plan

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C103 Grading and Drainage Plan

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C104 Existing Roadway Plan and Profile

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C105 Roadway Sections

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C106 Road Widening Details

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C107 Road Widening Details

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C108 Road Widening Details

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C2.1 Utility Plan

C2.2 Utility Plan

C3.1 Erosion Control

(1.0 MB)

C3.2 Erosion Control

C4.1 Grading

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C4.2 Grading

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C5.1 Landscaping

C5.2 Landscaping

C5.3 Landscaping Details

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C5.4 Landscaping Details

C6.1 Profiles

C6.2 Profiles

C6.3 Profiles

C6.4 Profiles

C6.5 Profiles

C6.6 Plan and Profile Ridgeback Road

C6.7 Plan and Profile Ridgeback Road

C6.8 Profiles

D1.1 ESC Details

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D1.2 ESC Details

D1.3 ESC Details

D2.1 Site Details

D2.2 Site Details

D2.3 Site Details

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D3.1 Utility Details

D3.2 Utility Details

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D4.1 BMP Details

D4.2 BMP Details

D4.3 BMP Details

D4.4 BMP Details

D4.5 Pipe Schedules

D5.1 Greenway Profile

D5.2 Greenway Profile

D5.3 - Greenway Details

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