Site/Subdivision Plans –

Piney Place Townhomes - 18-DP-0694

The plan document files and images contained on this site are not considered record or as-built drawings, and therefore should not be relied upon or used in such manner.

Site/Subdivision Plan Index


002.EC1- Existing Conditions

003.C1- General Notes_Schedules

004.C2- Site Plan

005.C3 Utility Plan

006.C4 Grading and Erosion Control

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007.C5 BMP Details

(1.0 MB)

008.C6 Roadway Plan and Profile

009.C7 Roadway Plan and Profile

010.C8 Storm and Sewer Profiles

011.C9 Storm and Sewer Profiles

012.C10 Sight Distance Piney Plains Rd

013.C11 Pedestrian Detour and Sign Details

014.C12 Interconnectivity Exhibit

015.C13 Site Lighting

016.CD1- Erosion Control Details

017.CD2- Erosion Control Details

018.CD3- Erosion Control Details

019.CD4- Civil Details

020.CD5- Civil Details

021.CD6- Water Details

022.CD7- Water Details

023.CD8- Sanitary Sewer Details

024.L1 Landscape Plan

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025.L2 Landscape Plan Continued

026.L3 Planting Schedule & Details

027.L4 Landscape Details