Site/Subdivision Plans –

Twin Lakes Center (Wegmans) - 19-DP-0037

The plan document files and images contained on this site are not considered record or as-built drawings, and therefore should not be relied upon or used in such manner.

Site/Subdivision Plan Index


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004-N-1-Project Notes

005-C-2-Typical Sections

006-C-3-Overall Site Plan

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007-C-4-Site Plan-Area A

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009-C-6-Overall Grading and Storm Drainage Plan

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010-C-7-Grading and Storm Drainage Plan-Area A

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012-C-9-Overall Utility Plan

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013-C-10-Utility Plan-Area A

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015-EC-1-Erosion Control Plan-Stage 1-Area A

017-EC-3-Erosion Control Plan-Stage 2-Area A

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021-P-1-Plan & Profile- Chessway Drive

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022-P-2-Plan & Profile-Chessway Drive

024-P-4-Plan & Profile-Holly Creek Rd

025-P-5-Plan & Profile-Outfall A&B

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036-LS-1-Landscape Plan-Area A

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038-LS-3-Landscape Details

040-SL3.0-LED Photometric Plan

044-SW-A1-Stormwater Management Facility A Plan View

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045-SW-A2-Stormwater Management Facility A Details

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046-SW-A3-Stormwater Management Facility A Details

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047-SW-A4-Stormwater Management Facility A Details

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048-SW-A5-Stormwater Management Facility A Landscape Plan

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