Site/Subdivision Plans –

Two Tenant Building at Parkside Town Commons II - 19-DP-10464

The plan document files and images contained on this site are not considered record or as-built drawings, and therefore should not be relied upon or used in such manner.

Site/Subdivision Plan Index


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001-C0.00 Project Notes

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002-C-1-Existing Conditions

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003-C2.00 Overall Project Plan

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004-C2.01 Site Plan

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005-C3.00 Grading and Storm Drainage Plan

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006-C4.00 Utility Plan

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007-C6.00 Erosion Control Plan Stage 1

008-C6.01 Erosion Control Plan Stage 2

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009-C6.02 Erosion Control Details

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010-C8.00 Site Details

011-C8.01 Site Details

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012-C8.02 Storm Drainage Details

013-C8.03 Water Details

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014-C8.04 Water Details

015-C8.05 Sanitary Sewer Details

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016-L5.00 Landscape Plan

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017-L5.01 Landscape Details

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018-L6.00 Lighting Plan

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019-L6.01 Lighting Details

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020-EX-1 Overall Project Phase Plan

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021-EX-2 Offsite Improvements Exhibits

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022-EX-3 Master Impervious Exhibit

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023-EX-4 Public Art Exhibit

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024-C-21 Okelly Chapel Road Pavement Striping Plan

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100-A1-Floor Plan

101-A2-Materials Overlay

102-A3-Composition Overlay

103-A4-Scale Overlay

104-A5-Proportion Overlay

105-A6-Rhythm Overlay

106-A7-Transparency Overlay

107-A8-Articulation Overlay

108-A9-Expression Overlay

109-A10-Color Overlay

110-A11-Additional Details

111-Material Board

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2019-08-15 Parkside Lot 9 Final Stormwater Management

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2019-08-15 Parkside Lot 9 Storm Drainage Report

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