Site/Subdivision Plans –

Wellfield Subdivision - 17-DP-0905

The plan document files and images contained on this site are not considered record or as-built drawings, and therefore should not be relied upon or used in such manner.

Site/Subdivision Plan Index

C-00 Cover Sheet

(2.7 MB)

C-01 Civil Notes

C-02 Existing Conditions

(2.7 MB)

C-03 Tree Survey

(4.1 MB)

C-04 Demolition Plan

(2.6 MB)

C-05 Development Plan

(5.3 MB)

C-06 Signage and Striping Plan

(2.5 MB)

C-07 Wackena Road Improvements

(3.9 MB)

C-08 Wackena Road Profile

(1.0 MB)

C-09 Utility Plan

(5.8 MB)

C-10 Grading Plan

(7.6 MB)

C-11 ADA Spot Elevations

(1.7 MB)

C-12 Stormwater Management Plan

(1.0 MB)

C-13 Leyton Lane Plan and Profile

(1.4 MB)

C-14 Burbank Drive Plan Profile

(1.6 MB)

C-15 Banks Knoll Plan Profile I

(2.9 MB)

C-16 Banks Knoll Plan Profile II

(1.3 MB)

C-17 SS Outfall Plan Profile

(2.0 MB)

C-18 Erosion Control Plan - Initial

(3.3 MB)

C-19 Erosion Control Plan - Construction

(7.3 MB)

CS-01 Wackena Road Cross Sections

D-01 Development Plan Details I

(1.8 MB)

D-02 Development Plan Details II

D-03 Potable & Reclaimed Water Details I

(1.1 MB)

D-04 Potable & Reclaimed Water Details II

(1.4 MB)

D-05 Sanitary Sewer Details I

D-06 Sanitary Sewer Details II

(2.3 MB)

D-07 Storm Details

(2.1 MB)

D-08 Erosion Control Details I

(3.3 MB)

D-09 Erosion Control Details II

(1.4 MB)

D-10 Erosion Control Details III

L-01 Landscape Plan

(2.1 MB)

L-02 Landscape Details

(2.4 MB)


(2.3 MB)

SW-01 Pre-Development DA Map

SW-02 Post-Development DA Map

(5.1 MB)

SW-03 Catch Basin DA Map

(6.2 MB)

TCP-01 Traffic Control Notes

TCP-02 Traffic Control Plan

(10.8 MB)